Predsednik Vratsa stone



The surface finishings give specific vision to the natural stone. The different processing techniques include:

Honed: Smoothens and evens out the surface thus giving the material a matt appearance. The color tones are therefore softer. The degree of honing depends on the grain size of the abrasives, from fine - C220 to coarse - D80. The honed surface is suitable for interior solutions.

Polishing: Exalts the colors, patterns and the intrinsic characteristics of every type of selection. The polished surface gives maximal intensity of the color and brilliance. It is suitable for interior solutions.

Leather: It is obtained using tools equipped with abrasive brushes. This technique confers a leather appearance with slightly wavy texture reminding of silk.

Bush-hammered: This finishing transforms the stone, hiding every imperfection of the color. The dynamic of the lay make it especially suitable for exterior floorings, because of the non-slip effect of the texture.

Sandblasted: As well as Bush-hammered, the Sandblasted finishing is hiding every color imperfection attaching a non-slip effect to the surface. The way the surface is processed is softer and grainy to the touch, which gives elegant finish to the texture.