Predsednik Vratsa stone



The stone has appeared before human, going through centuries, natural stone became symbol of art, art of buildings, art of life!

From its establishment, PREDSEDNIK is focused in high technological, innovative, progressive and productive methods for processing, satisfying all international standards.

Christo Tsvetkov established PREDSEDNIK after he gained experience while he was selling machines for processing of rock-cladding materials. The brand of the company "PREDSEDNIK" is not randomly chosen, it came from Serbian word for mayor.

PREDSEDNIK is one of the leading companies for Bulgarian LIMESTONE processing. The company has abilities which are making it an international provider of Vratsa LIMESTONE, from blocks to complicated architectural details, giving elegant finish to interior and exterior decisions.
What we do
PREDSEDNIK is investing in reducing the harmful effects on the environment. With look of the future and respect for the nature from which the company takes the basic raw materials.

PREDSEDNIK also uses machines with high performance and with low cost of electricity. The water we use for production is in a cycle. In this way we creater artworks inspired by Mother Nature without damaging it.
Vratsa stone blocks


The professionals of PREDSEDNIK QUARRY, part of PREDSEDNIK family, very precise and with attention to each detail yield, choose and select the blocks with which the factory produce only high-quality products. The trove of Vratsa LIMESTONE is located at 28 km southeast of the factory.

Vratsa stone slabs


In the factory we have 3 warehouses, one of them is covered "Stone Gallery" and in them we have approximately 10 000 sq.m slabs from five selection of Vratsa LIMESTONE we offer. This gives us an opportunity to respond to all of the demands for high quality products, which are ready to be bought in diversity of finishes.

Vratsa stone tiles


The specialized department "StoneCutting" is dealing with the production from standart tiles to tiles for individual projects compliant with the customer. During the production we follow with particular attention not only the pricise sizes but the color characteristics of the different selections.

How we do it
From the beginning of its history, PREDSEDNIK differs with permanent investments targeting high-tech and environmentally friendly production.

The firm takes what belongs to nature to turn it in practical, but elegant masterpiece. The factory is located on an area ot 60 000 square meters and it's in a close proximity to the quarry. The production is situated in 5 production halls equipped with modern mechanization.
Our team

Through the fall of 2008 when the factory started the production, the team was only 15 people. With the expanding and development of the company now the employees are triple more. PREDSEDNIK attracts young people, educated specialists, to continue their career development in the main departments - yield, production, control of the quality and marketing. Our team is ready to cover the highest standards.