Predsednik Vratsa stone



Types of selections from Vratza limestone
Vratsa limestone is extremely suitable for exterior cladding, flooring and decoration as well as for an interior design solutions.
The combination of the unique beauty of the limestone and it's high physical and mechanical properties make it one of the most famous and sought limestones in the world.
Each of these selections can be processed in our factory according to your choice by one of the eight technologies for limestone surface treatment, presented HERE.

The exceptional beauty of Vratsa limestone
Vratsa limestone is known worldwide with its unique unrivaled beauty that gives simplicity and severity of each facade and provides many opportunities for an elegant interior design.
Vratsa limestone is colored in soft, warm, creamy shades and is dotted with diverse patterns of rich texture, determined by the millennial natural geological process of sedimentary rocks formation.The limestone is stained in various soft shades depending on the angle and distance from which is observed by falling on it natural light and artificial lighting.

The high physical and mechanical features of Vratza limestone
Vratsa limestone has unique physical and mechanical characteristics, which in most cases superior to the limestone mines in other regions of the world. It is extremely resistant to the weather
 influences and is virtually intractable to rain, frost and ice. Vratsa limestone is famous for its quality and durability in all weather conditions. VratsaLimestone is resistant to knocks and other physical impacts.




Density 2.16 - 2.25 g/cm3
Specific density 2.68 - 2.72 g/cm3
Pore volume 16.36 - 19.40 %
Pore coefficient 0.196 - 0.242 %
Water absorption 3.9 - 4.8 %
Compressive strength in dry conditions 651.1 - 866.2 x105 Ра
Compressive strength in water saturation 454.3 - 677.4 x105 Ра
Compressive strength in frozen conditions 356.8 - 565.6 x105 Ра
Frost-resistance coefficient 0.50 - 0.65
Abrasion coefficient 4.7 - 5.4 %